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176924 of PDD 201930-01-20Selection list of JEs under PMSP Kashmir Division
17684 PDD of 201922-10-19Tentative Seniority lisit of JEs Diploma Holders
17674 PDD of 201922-10-19Tentative Seniority lisit of JEs Degree Holders
1766128 PDD of 201910-07-19Final Seniority list of AE (E) Degree Diploma holder 2019
1765109 PDD of 201918-06-19Final seniority list of JEs Civil, Diploma Holders borne on establishment of PDD
176491 PDD of 201909-05-19Assignment of charge of CE, Commercial and survey wing JK
1759PDD/HRM/05/05/17 (AE)10-04-19Revised Tentative Seniority list of AEs DegreeDiploma
175424of 201724-04-17Placement of IC Chief Engineers as IC Development Commissioner (P)Executive Director (E) and Inchanrge Superintending Engineers (E) as IC Chief engineers
175343PDD of 201708-03-17Transfers and posting
175242PDD of 201708-03-17Transfer and posting
1751GO No.19PDD of 201730-01-17Capex Budget 201617Release of funds for repair of transformers through SSI Units.
1750GO No.18 of PDD of 201725-01-17Transfer and postings.
1749GO 15PDD of 201721-01-17Appointment of JEs (Electric) in PDD (State Cadre).
1748GO 16PDD of 201721-01-17Sanction for organizational setup of the separate project wings for KashmirJammu divisions.
1747Corrigendum to GO No.12PDD of 201716-01-17LPA No.282016 titled as Mohd. Maqbool Rather Ors. Vs State Ors.
1746GO No.11PDD of 201716-01-17Compassionate appointment case of Mr. Tohefiq Ahmed.
174506 PDD of 201706-01-17Constitution of Core Group of Legal and Technical Teams to review the court cases.
174402PDD of 201703-01-17Capex Budget 201617Release of funds.
174301PDD of 201702-01-17Restoration of the post of orderly to SubTransmission DivisionI, Srinagar.
1742239PDD of 201630-12-16Capex Budget 201617Release of funds.
1741GO 238PDD of 201630-12-16Attachment of Shri Rashpal Chand, IC Executive Engineer (electric).
1740GO No.231PDD of 2016 dt2212201622-12-16Approval to the enhancement in some components of the RR Plan for the PAFs. of KG HEP.
1739GO No.230PDD of 201615-12-16Repatriation of Sh,. Rajinder Kumar, Junior Assistant from JK SPDC to PDD.
1738GO No.221PDD of 2016 dated 712201607-12-16Transfer and postings of Juniors Engineers (Elec)
1737GO No. 207 PDD of 2016 dated 0112201601-12-16Constitution of Committee
1736205PDD of 201601-12-16Committee to calculate financial losses caused to the State due to failaure of 132kv transmission towers in Poonch and Rajouri
1735GO No.203PDD of 2016 dated 2411201624-11-16Transfer and Postings
1733GO No.166PDD of 2016. dt.3009201630-09-16Reconstitution of Board of Directors (BoDs) of JKSPDC.
1731145 PDD of 201611-08-16Transfer and posting of AEEs PDD, Pages 12 to 16
1730145 PDD of 201611-08-16Transfer and posting of AEEs PDD, Pages 7 to 11
1729145 PDD of 201611-08-16Transfer and posting of AEEs PDD, Pages 1 to 6
1727EPDC/eNIT14/PLG of 201601-02-16Appointment of Media Management Agency
1726EPDC/TS/20163612-12-15NIT for purchase of two sets of Emergency Restoration System in Kashmir
1725203 PDD of 201506-10-15Appointment of as JEs
1724201 PDD of 201506-10-15Compassionate appointment of Sh. Dayal Chand
1723200 PDD of 201518-09-15Repatriation of Manzoor Ahmad
1722199 PDD of 201517-09-15Authorisation for Release of funds
1716171 PDD of 201521-08-15Transfers and postings of SEs and Xens
1693156 PDD of 201530-07-15Contempt Ashraf Lone Vs State
1692153 PDD of 201528-07-15Companssionate appointment of Bilal Mir
1691149 PDD of 201523-07-15Promrotion Regularization of PDL TDL
1690148 PDD of 201523-07-15Settlement period of suspension
1689147 PDD of 201522-07-15Shafi Dar Vs State
1688143 PDD of 201514-07-15Placement of AEs as AEEs
1687130 PDD of 201525-06-15Placement of AEEs as Exenx
1672SEII/MRE 20 of 201518-06-15Inspection squads to curb the menace of Power Theft and to rein the Transmission and Distribution Losses
1613128 of PDD 201523-06-15Appointment of Shafeeqa Begum
1612127 of PDD 201523-06-15Appointment of Anil Sharma
1611126 of PDD 201523-06-15Appointment of Anil Gupta
1610125 of PDD 201523-06-15Appointment of Lata Devi
1609123 of PDD 201522-06-15Appointment of Rayees Ahmed Khan
1608121 of PDD 201519-06-15Grant of EL of AK Sachdeva, SE
1607120 of PDD 201519-06-15Permission of Ashok Kumar EE
1606119 of PDD 201519-06-15Deputation of Ravi kumar
1605118 of PDD 201518-06-15Transfers Repatriation and deputation
1604113 of PDD 201512-06-15Appointment of Naseer Ahmed
1603111 of PDD 201511-06-15Placement of AEs
1602110 of PDD 201511-06-15Condemnation of vehicle
160199 of PDD 201527-05-15Appointment of Mst Khushboo
160097 of PDD 201521-05-15Permission of Jagdish singh AEE
159996 of PDD 201519-05-15Transfer and posting of CEs
159889 of PDD 201524-04-15Sanction of leave of Sh Ramnik Singh AE
159788 of PDD 201524-04-15Appointment as Jr. Astts.
159686 of PDD 201523-04-15Addln 300 KVA Poer Load connection ms Shankar Plastic
159585 of PDD 201523-04-15Addtln 795 KVA Power Load connection Shree Radha Vallabh
159483 of PDD 201523-04-15Deputation of AK Kesar, AEE
159335 of PDD 201513-02-15Updated Final Seniority of AEE
1591Endt No. SEP EMRE AS 236 50 dated 23 06 201523-06-15Updated final seniority list of executive staff of erstwhile District cadre Pulwama Shopian
1576112PDD 0f 201512-06-15Transfer Posting IC Superintending Engineers and IC Executive Engineers of PDD
146870 PDD 0f 201509-04-15Additional 363.46 KVA Power Load Connection to ms Emcure Pharmaceuticals
146656PDD of 201524-03-15Constitution of DPC of PDD
146556PDD of 201524-03-15Constitution of DPC of PDD
144334PDD of 201511-02-15Repatriation of Sh. Suram Dass Driver from JK State Power Development Corporation to Power Development Department
143929 PDD of 201506-02-15Deputation of Sh. Ehtisham Ali Andrabi Ic Assit. Executive Engineer, LDMT Division Bemina, Srinagar

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